It has been a difficult six months…

We were expected to travel to pick up our daughter many months ago, yet here are, still waiting. We are STUCK, unable to move forward as the laws that govern adoptions continuously, yet unexpectedly change. Our family feels the heartache of her absence every single day! I can’t even imagine how she must feel.  Please pray with us that we will get the signature that we are waiting for and be invited to travel soon.


Something to Talk About

We finally have something to talk about…Our daughters family has been granted their court appointment for next week! If all goes well and her case is approved, our court date will follow shortly after. We have also been given the opportunity to travel only one time and stay for the month between court and embassy. Our daughter will be able to stay with us at the guesthouse during this time. We are thrilled to have this opportunity to build memories with her in her homeland. Thank you for your continued prayers!


I have been getting a lot of questions about our adoption and where we are in the process, so I thought I’d post a quick update. We have received all of B’s paperwork and are ready to submit the last set of documents to USCIS. A new process has been put in place called the PAIR process and it is really backed up. It is taking over a month for the paperwork to be assigned to a caseworker. Once the paperwork is assigned, on average, it is taking about 3 months to process. After it is processed we will wait to be invited to court to make B legally ours. This first visit will be about two weeks long and during this time we plan to visit with Tigest’s family. We can’t wait to see them! After court is final, we will come home and wait for a second invitation to pick B up and bring her home. Thank you for your continued support and prayers.

Humankind Water

HK Water

We have started our next fundraiser. We are selling Humankind water. With each bottle that we sell one person receives clean drinking water for one year and we receive one dollar toward our adoption.

Did you know that nearly one billion people lack access to safe drinking water? That’s one person in seven. Half of the hospital beds IN THE WORLD are filled with someone either sick or dying from lack of clean water or sanitation.

When you purchase a bottle of Humankind Water from our fundraiser you will be doing two things. You will be helping to build wells in communities that only have contaminated water to drink. You will be helping us earn $1,200 toward our adoption.

Yes, that means we have 1,200 bottles to sell and we can’t do it alone. We are looking for 50 friends to each sell one case of water (24 bottles). If you would like to help, please let us know.


Introducing (B)

I would like to tell you a little bit about a girl named (B). She is 11 years old. Her birthday is on June 13th. She is beautiful on the inside and out. She loves to smile and care for others. She has many friends. Adults and children enjoy spending time with her. She likes to be active and play competitive games. She is smart and learns quickly. She is very curious and takes interest in learning new things. She lives in a place where there are lots of other children. She is loved and cared for, but she has no parents. She was recently quoted as saying, “When will it be my turn? When is a family coming for me?”

Introducing B

Well (B)… We are on our way!

Divine Detour

Divine Detour

It is with a heavy heart that we share this news. The past 2½ months have been very difficult for us. It began when we were informed that our daughter (H) left the orphanage grounds without permission. Upon her return, in some very dramatic ways, she expressed her desire to stay in Africa.

This lead to a thorough investigation where it was determined, that despite her mother’s desire for her to have a home and to be cared for upon her death, (H) was not ready for adoption. Although this was difficult for us to accept, we understand the reasons for the decision and trust that ultimately God is in control.

Please pray for (H). Pray that she is safe. Pray that she is loved. Pray that she becomes the woman God intends her to be. Pray that we will find a way to help and support her. She will always be a part of us and we will forever hold her up in prayer!

What does this mean for us moving forward? Well, it means that God has sent us on a divine detour. Stay tuned to see where He leads…

Shoe Drive Update

All I can say is, WOW!

Please look at the pictures below.

They are evidence that we serve a miracle-working, mountain-moving, awe-inspiring, gasp-giving God.

You are looking at 18,708 pounds of shoes.

These shoes, all of them, were given by you!

Our 28 foot long semi-trailer was overflowing with shoes; so many that we could barely close the doors.


God’s love for us is just like that…it’s overflowing!

Thessalonians 3

Here’s how He works.

While we loaded the truck…


These two precious children left orphanage care and became part of a family, FOREVER!

forbes 5

Thank you for your shoes!

Lifesong for Orphans – Matching Grant

Praise to God! We have been awarded a $2,000 matching grant through Lifesong for Orphans and Family Christian Bookstores. That means, for every dollar we are given, Family Christian Bookstores will match it, up to the amount of $2,000. If you would like to help us tap into this blessing, you may send your check to…

Lifesong for Orphans
PO Box 40
Gridley, IL 61744
In the memo line you will need to write, “Kelliher #4284

100% of your donation will go toward our adoption costs.
Thank you for your love, prayers and support!

A note from Lifesong:
Lifesong has been blessed with a partner that underwrites all US administrative and fund-raising costs. That means 100% of your donation will go directly to the Kelliher Family Adoption. Individual donations $250 or more and yearly donations totaling $250 or more will receive a tax deductible receipt. Receipts for donations under $250 will gladly be sent upon request. Lifesong is a 501(c)3 tax exempt organization. If you have any questions about donations please contact us at

Shoe Drive

2.17.14 The Shoe Drive has been completed. We are no longer accepting shoes.

We are about to embark on our biggest fundraiser yet. It is a shoe drive. We are collecting used shoes that will be sent to Angel Bins to help needy people around the world. In exchange for the shoes, Angel Bins will give us 50 cents for each pound we collect. The challenge is that we MUST collect a minimum of 15, 000 pounds in order for the shipping to be low enough for us to make a profit. We have estimated that 15,000 pounds is equivalent to 500 large lawn bags full of shoes. The shoes can be mens, womens or childrens in any style, boots, athletic or dress. As long as someone else can benefit from wearing them, then we can accept them.

If you would like to help, please begin by spreading the word to all of your friends, family, co-workers, church and community. You can direct people to give their shoes to you or you can give them my phone number and I will arrange to pick them up. Also, if you would like flyers to distribute, call or email me and I will get you as many as you need. This fundraiser has the potential to earn us over 7,000 dollars. We appreciate any support that you can offer.

Shoe Drive